Serve in Nepal with INF

To serve with INF is to live an adventure
To serve with INF is to live an adventure

Current Opportunities

in Nepal in the UK

Is God calling you to use your talents and professional skills in Nepal?

INF/UK has opportunities to volunteer on a short and long term basis with INF/Nepal ,our implementing partner. INF/N is a Nepali NGO, run by Nepalis who want to empower the poor and marginalised in Nepal through Christ’s love of the world.

Serving long term is not just a career break, or even a career change, but requires a life changing investment, leading a life dependent on Christ. You need to have the ability to adapt to a different way of living and working and be prepared to serve with humility. And expect the unexpected!

As there is much to consider before you serve, it’s best to have a chat with INF/UK  in the first instance. We have been sending mission personnel to serve in Nepal for over 60 years. We expect you to be an active Christian so we recommend you speak to your Church as well.

There will be a period of preparation in the UK and when you first arrive in Nepal.

INF's Mission Personnel are self-supporting and need to raise support to cover living allowances, housing, air fares, medical costs, logistical support, personal development and pastoral care.

INF members have chosen a pooled support system so that those who are over-supported may assist any who are temporarily under-supported


"To serve with INF is to live an adventure, to be stretched beyond one's own capabilities, forced to depend on the powerful arm of Almighty God" Tom Hale [Light Dawns in Nepal]

What inspires us?

We are inspired by God's heart for poor and marginalised people. Read more about this here

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