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How it Works

When you buy from our really good gifts catalogue you are making a donation to our work in Nepal.

Look through the catalogue and choose a gift. From chickens to goats, and toys to medical supplies, there is a wide range of options and prices.

Once you have bought your gift, you will receive a card that you can personalise and send on to a friend or family member. The card will show how your gift could help transform a Nepali person's life. Or you can choose to send an ecard with your own personalised message.

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Your donation will go directly to help people living in poverty in Nepal. That's a really good gift.

This is what £27 can do

A family transformed by the gift of Kitchen Garden Training

Jhimu, aged 47, lives in Bajura – one of the poorest regions in Nepal.

Jhimu joined a self-help group a few years ago, where she learned how to set up a kitchen garden to sell vegetables and supplement the family’s food. She quickly saw results and was able to pay money back to the group and cover the cost of her children’s education (three sons and one daughter). In the second year, Jhimu was able to buy a plot of land to farm and the whole family started to work together on the land. In 2017, she had saved enough money, subsidised by another grant from the group, to open a grocery shop in the village. She says, “My experience had a positive impact on involving women in agriculture. I believe that commitment, training and skills development in agriculture, better use of local knowledge, and support from my family, were the major factors of my success. I am very grateful to INF for its efforts that helped me improve the life of my family.”

Jhimu's Kitchen Garden for Mailchimp
Examples of Really Good Gifts
£8 buys toys to help disabled children learn, develop and have fun!
£17 buys special shoes and training to protect a person with leprosy from injury
£38 buys a piglet which can be a vital source of income for a family in poverty

Gift Categories

Community Development

Long-term change happens when individuals, families and communities learn the skills they need to help themselves. INF teams work with communities over many years to see people lifted out of poverty through activities such as equipping a family to earn an extra income or bringing clean water to a village. INF projects take place in some of the poorest and remote communities of Nepal, and aim to strengthen communities so they continue this work independently. Your gift will help fund a range of INF’s community development work, and you can be confident that it will make an incredible difference in the lives of some of the poorest people in Nepal.


There are many different reasons why someone might have a disability. It could be from birth, or as a result of labour complications. In Nepal, health care isn’t free or widely available in remote areas so sometimes simple health problems can become debilitating if not treated on time, or diseases like leprosy can result in reduced mobility. Accidents at work or home can cause life-changing disability such as spinal cord injury. INF’s disability work is all about helping someone return home, be part of community and family life and having the opportunity to live life to the full. Your gift will help fund a range of activities that support and empower people with disabilities and you can be confident that it will make an incredible difference.

Green Pastures Hospital

Based in Pokhara, Green Pastures Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre serves around 8,000 patients a year. Your gift will help fund a range of treatment and services for patients and you can be confident it will bring hope and healing of all who benefit. Services include specialist treatment and rehabilitation for disability, palliative care, treatment and care for leprosy and specialist camps for children with cerebral palsy and their parents. The majority of patients stay at the hospital for many weeks. Contact with INF peer counsellors, pastoral care workers and other staff means that they are able to regain confidence and hope as they learn of their worth and value, no matter what their ability.

Medical Camps

Many government health posts are understaffed and the few staff they do have often lack the right expertise. In many cases only basic equipment is available. At best, patients can only be treated for common ailments. And the poorest of the poor simply cannot afford to leave their village and lose the little income that they have. Bringing specialist medical care to where people are in desperate need of help is so important. It could be the only chance they have to regain health, hope and strength to carry on and survive.

Your donation through the Really Good Gifts catalogue will help fund a range of work within the category of your choice and, whichever gift you select, you can be confident that your donation will make a positive difference. In the rare event that a category becomes over funded, your donation will be used in a different category where the need is greatest. Prices of really good gifts include costs in Nepal to provide the gifts and some promotional costs.