7 Days in Nepal

Seven days in nepal
You enjoy holidays, and Nepal is an iconic destination
But most people who would like to visit this land of mountains and unfamiliar customs never get the chance
7 Days in Nepal

We would like to invite you on a unique virtual journey through the country, with the opportunity to meet and learn from the thriving and growing Christian community as well as those they help and support.

By the end of our 7 days in Nepal, we hope you will feel a connection with Nepali Christians and be inspired by them.

How Does it Work?

The best way to travel is with friends, so why not ask the members of your home group or prayer group to travel with you? It’s a great opportunity to share about the lives of Nepalis with people who are unfamiliar with INF.

The pack consists of  eight cards about places you will visit, and the travel guide. The trip will work best if there is an introductory meeting to explain how the journey works, and another, a week later, for people to share their experiences. You could even have a Nepali evening, with food and a Nepali-style time of worship.

Alternatively, your small group could use one card each week over a period of seven weeks, or you could travel alone and simply use the cards yourself each day for a week.

On this page you can download everything you need to be able to take this journey. You could do it alone, but it's always more fun to travel with friends, so why not share this journey with others.

Download the pack items below

Card 1. One image - We begin our journey in Pokhara, Nepal’s second largest city. In the shadow of the stunning Mount Machhapuchchhre, we discover how God has made us all creative people.

Card 2. Faith - We take an excursion to Nepalgunj, on the border with India, and witness how Nepali Christians are expressing their faith by caring for migrating people.

Card 3. Evangelism - We return to Pokhara, to Green Pastures Hospital, where former patients, acting as peer counsellors, share their Christian faith.

Card 4. Worship - We visit a Nepali church, experience its vibrant worship, and learn how Nepali Christians living in the UK are being encouraged.

Card 5. Prayer and fasting - We travel on to Mugu where we see Nepali people struggling to feed their families. We learn about the roles of prayer and fasting in the church.

Card 6. Miracles and healing - Our next stop is Jumla where we meet a former Hindu priest who became a Christian after his son was miraculously healed.

Card 7. One in Christ - We finish our trip in Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital city, and see how members of the Nepali church are helping visitors in need.

Card 8. Continuing the journey – You have the opportunity to continue the journey with INF and Nepali people.

Travel Guide

Day by day


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