Churches and Christianity in Nepal

churches in mugu nepal
Worship in a church in Mugu
If you are looking for a church you may not recognise it

Most Nepali churches do not yet have their own buildings. It may be a rented building or flat, perhaps a dilapidated old structure in need of repair.

The first thing which might appear strange to a Westerner is the pile of shoes outside. This isn't for any particular reason except that it is normal to do this when entering a home in Nepal.

Inside, the men usually sit separately from the women and children. In most churches everyone will be sitting on the floor although, in some churches in Kathmandu, there may be chairs.

There may not appear to be much structure to the service. It varies from week to week. There will be a time of open praise and worship. Everyone participates in the communal praying, all speaking aloud at the same time. The service could be two or three hours long.

There is a good chance that there will be people present who have not yet responded to the gospel. Christians often bring family and friends to church. This is probably at least part of the explanation of why the church in Nepal has grown so rapidly. In 1952, when the borders opened, the first church was formed with 29 believers. Now there are churches in every one of the 75 districts of Nepal.

In many ways the church is thriving

However, it is very young and still finding its feet. The congregations in some churches are very small, with just a handful of believers meeting together.

There is a great need for growth to spiritual maturity and for good quality training for pastors and leaders. In small congregations in remote places, the leader may simply be the only person in the church who can read.

churches in nepal
Taking Communion, Nepali style
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