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The lives of Nepali People are changing

Our Impact INF

Traditionally the work of aid and relief organisations has been seen as simply the provision of much needed aid. A relief organisation might build a toilet, dig a well or install water purifiers or pumps. Whilst these projects do improve conditions for poor and marginalised communities, it has become clear that this does not make a long-term difference. Communities become dependent on donors for further needs to be met.


INF is different

Since 1999, INF has been using the Group Action Process to promote community development. It is based upon people identifying their own needs and how these can best be met, using their own resources, and taking action themselves.

High in the mountains, in some of the poorest and most remote places across Western Nepal, INF is helping communities form Self-Help Groups. In Marchi, in Jumla District, a group of 40 mothers are working together to bring about change in their village.

As they meet each month to discuss the development of their village and participate in health, sanitation and nutrition training, they have become a united workforce, bringing hope and change to their families and their community. An INF facilitator provides support and runs some of the training sessions focussed on family planning, safe pregnancy and safe delivery practices.

Once a month each member of the group deposits 50 Rupees [about 30 pence] into a group savings account. This accumulates and enables members to take out loans from the group at a low rate of interest. Recently, the group used money from the savings fund to enable a pregnant woman in the village to travel by bus to hospital for an assisted delivery she required. Empowered by their ability to provide from within their own limited means this group of mothers is determined to work together and build a better quality of life in their village.