Fundraising - step 6

Ask people for money. It's not the easiest thing to do but most people you know won't turn you down.

For a sponsored event download our sponsorship form HERE. The most effective way to get sponsors is to ask people directly - don't simply leave the form lying around at the back of church, hoping people will complete it.

Simply say, "Please will you sponsor me." You don't have to give them every detail of why you've decided to raise money for INF. Wait for them to ask questions and tell them what they actually want to know.

You might want to set up a sponsorship page - we recommend that you use  JustGiving. You can use the button on the right.

Use social media to let everyone know how they can sponsor you. If you're not using a sponsorship page, you should include a link to our website.

If you're running some other kind of event there are all kinds of ways you can boost your fundraising.

Can you charge a small entrance fee? Imagine 50 people come to your table-top sale and you charge them a £1 entrance fee - that's £50 before you start.

Offer free refreshments [everyone likes something for free]. You can recoup the cost by charging a higher ticket price. Try to adjust the price so that you make more than you would selling the tickets and refreshments separately.

Stretch your boundaries.Try to think of extra little things you can do to encourage people to part with their money.  For example, you could include a competition and ask someone if they will donate a suitable prize.

Don't under-price anything you are selling - from cakes to concert tickets. You can always offer discounts later on.

Always have a box where people can make additional donations. Any cheques should be made payable to INF. Don't forget to ask us for Gift Aid envelopes and other publicity materials.