Fundraising for the love of Nepal
For the love of Nepal Fundraising
Why Nepal Needs Your Love

It is difficult to visit Nepal and not fall in love with the country and its people. The imposing mountains and the endearing welcome will quickly capture your heart.

Despite its beauty, Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. In the remotest areas, life can be a hand-to-mouth existence. Traditional farming methods are often unable to supply sufficient food for the whole year. Many Nepalis, mostly men, leave their families to work in India or other parts of the world, in the hope of being able to send money home.

Medical services are usually not free. There are some excellent Nepali medical staff, but in many parts of the country, healthcare services are limited and some people continue to look towards traditional ‘healers’ for help. Those living with any kind of disability often face discrimination and leprosy continues to affect people’s lives.

"Over a coffee with a running friend, she suggested we run the London marathon. As it was only weeks after the massive earthquakes in Nepal it was obvious to enter the ballot to raise money for Nepal c/o INF."  Claire, one of our fundraising heroes.