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Kanchi Doctor


David Hawker

Kanchi Doctor is the story of Ruth Watson, a young British doctor, called by God to help the desperately poor, hungry, sick and spiritually needy people of Nepal. It covers some of the early history of INF and this edition has been updated to include more recent events.

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Into Nepal

Lily O'Hanlon

"After working for many years outside the borders of Nepal, as soon as permission was granted, [Dr O'Hanlon] led the members of the Nepal Evangelistic Band on foot over difficult mountainous terrain in order to establish a medical centre on the Pokhra Valley."

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On Call

Val Inchley

“Enjoy Val’s rich descriptions of living in Nepal and laugh-out-loud anecdotes; feel exhausted but enthused by her relentless schedule and responsibilities; learn from her depth of wisdom and spiritual insight; be challenged by her honesty, vulnerability and integrity;
and be inspired, to press on to pursue all that God has called you to be and do.” Anne Le Tissier

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While Daylight Lasts

"Our Father knows what lies ahead, He knows also how much longer we have before the Lord Jesus comes for His own, and the 'day' is finished.

"Looking back over the years since 196o, how gracious the Lord has been to us as a Mission. No less than fifty colleagues have been given to us, the· work has extended into the West, as well as showing steady growth in Pokhra."

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Preston Christian Resource Centre

New Life in Nepal

A novel for children by Kath Cope

David is struggling to come to terms with his uncle and auntie working on the mission field in Nepal. When their leave is postponed because they decide to adopt an orphan called Rachel, he is disappointed and angry. A holiday to Nepal reunites the family but David's resentment threatens to spoil it. When a crisis threatens Rachel's life, David begins a search that results in him finding more than his missing cousin.

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At the Foot of the Fish-Tail Mountain

Lily O'Hanlon

"This is a most disturbing book: it is an account of a modern miracle. It is far more than a record of a great missionary adventure. It is convicting and challenging. It has made me thoroughly ashamed of
myself, and my so much more easy pilgrimage."

From the Forward by Mary R Hooker

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Available from INF/UK

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Light Dawns in Nepal

Tom Hale

In 1936 Lily O'Hanlon and her friend Hilda Steele began medical work among Nepali people living in India. Together with Nepali Christians they formed the Nepal Evangelistic Band, later to become INF. In 1952, after the opening of the border, the members of the Band trekked into Pokhara where the Shining Hospital was established.

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Fires at the Foot of Fish-Tail

Patricia Hepworth

Pat Hepworth, who ultimately lost her life in the service of Nepali people, writes a series of short but touching testimonies of some of the early Nepali Christians associated with INF.

Readers familiar with the history of INF will recognise the names of Pastor David and Premi, Philip and Maili, and others.

My Seventh Monsoon

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My Seventh Monsoon

Naomi Reed

In this book, subtitled "A Himalayan Journey of Faith and Mission", Naomi Reed takes time to look back on the seasons of life from the viewpoint of her seventh monsoon. As she does so, she shares with us her journey of faith and mission and reveals poignant truths about God and the way He works His purposes in our lives through seasons.

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Four Seasons in Nepal

Nicola McGunnigle

It’s not your everyday family adventure, packing up to live in one of the world’s poorest nations. But in the wake of the devastating 2015 earthquake, Nicola McGunnigle took a leap of faith, heading to Nepal to work with NGO International Nepal Fellowship, her family in tow.

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A Yak in the Fridge

John Dickinson

This is the true account of a doctor's family learning to live in Nepal. John writes about day to day events, including rich and evocative descriptions of life in Kathmandu in the 1960s and 1970s.

He includes his medical experiences, as well as the joy of getting to know and love the people of Nepal.

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Available from INF/UK

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Himalayan Vision: 50 years in Nepal

Edited by Mark Arnett

From the shores of a distant Scottish loch in the 1930s to a vision of indigenous mission stretching beyond the bounds of Nepal's borders, Himalayan vision charts the ups and downs of five decades of missionary endeavour in Nepal. It is the story of INF.

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Available from INF/UK

Contact the INF/UK office for copies at £13 including postage and packing

The Nepali Diaspora

Val Inchley

Although most Nepali migrants have gone to India, they are now represented in at least 130 countries around the world. Increasing numbers of students and professionals have moved to the West, but more than 2.5 million have become labourers in South East Asia and the Middle East in dirty, difficult and dangerous jobs.