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Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. Lack of resources, remoteness of villages and discrimination caused by gender, caste, disease or disabilities are some of the reasons that trap people into a life of exclusion and poverty. At INF we believe that all people deserve a fair chance to thrive, contribute and to play an equal part in their community.

We are working with local communities to improve health and reduce poverty

Health and hospitals

Specialist Medical Treatment and Care

Community Development

Freedom from Poverty

Disasters and Emergencies

Keeping Families Safe

Our Promise to You
For every £1 spent

Charitable Activities - 95p
Fundraising Costs - 5p

International Nepal Fellowship

For every £1 you give, 95p goes to charitable activities and 5p goes to cover costs of raising funds. This is based on our 2016/17 Financial Year when we spent £1.1 million.

More detailed accounts of the International Nepal Fellowship are available at the Charity Commission website.

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Impact of your donations

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