Empowering Nepal's poorest people and communities through life-changing health and development, centred in Christ's love for His world.


How we spend your money

For every £1 spent

Charitable Activities - 95p

Fundraising - 5p

We know you want us to use you money in a responsible way, helping Nepali people find fullness of life.

International Nepal Fellowship is passionate about helping the poor and marginalised people of Nepal. We do this through hospitals, community based rehabilitation, and development work. So, we try to achieve this by making the best possible use of every donation you send us.

For every £1 we spend, 95p goes to our charity work with just 5p spent on raising more funds.

This is based on our 2016/17 Financial Year when we spent £1.1 million.

More detailed accounts are available at the Charity Commission website.

To find out more about the impact made by some of your donations, you can read stories of how they are helping to change the lives of ordinary Nepali people. Just click on the Our Impact image on the right or explore the rest of the website.


Find out about how the lives of Nepali people are changing


The work of International Nepal Fellowship involves professionals from Nepal and around the world. They are using their gifts and talents and collaborating to bring about the best possible working practices. These highly skilled specialists often work together with Nepal's government or government institutions. In this way they are able to provide health service training or to support community development programmes.

The majority of staff who are working in our projects are local. They understand the needs and cultural context of the communities we serve. Our projects are either managed by our own Nepali staff or run by carefully selected local partner organisations such as ACN.

We also work with church networks and church volunteers who often come alongside patients or even whole communities to help them flourish and grow.