INF’s vision

Life in all its fullness for the poorest and most disadvantaged Nepalis.

INF’s mission

Empowering Nepal's poorest people and communities through life-changing health and development, centred in Christ's love for His world.


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How we spend your money

We know you want us to use the money you give us in a responsible way, helping Nepali people find fullness of life.

International Nepal Fellowship is passionate about helping the poor and marginalised people of Nepal through hospitals, community based rehabilitation, and development work. We endeavour to achieve this by making the best possible use of every donation you send us.

This chart is taken from the Charity Commission website and relates to the 2013/2014 financial year.

To find out more about the impact made by some of your donations to International Nepal Fellowship, you can read some accounts of how they are helping to change the lives of ordinary Nepali people by clicking of the Our Impact image on the right.



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